Sulli Giles

is a writer from Athens, Georgia.

Hi, I'm Sulli.

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2020 with a degree in Entertainment and Media Studies. I love making my friends watch bad movies and talking the whole time. I spend my days thinking about writing and sometimes actually writing. 

I've written books.

Caught (2015)

Chase Miners, a fifteen-year-old orphan from Florida, has always been in some sort of trouble and now is no exception. After the charges concerning a crime he didn’t commit are lifted, it seems like everything is going to be normal. He’s living with a foster family when he learns that his father worked for the CIA and is involved with a dangerous organization known as Ares, who have it out for him. His world begins to fall apart once again. He knows he can trust Macey Mallory, a girl he just met, but doesn’t know a lot about. Chase also trusts Crush Daysort, a teenage boy with a very dangerous and helpful set of skills, but the two are often at odds. The three are thrown into a world of secrets, lies, manipulation, and people that want to exploit them. Unless things go their way, the wrong people will gain delicate information and their lives will be at stake. The three (sort of) put aside their differences and embark on a journey that none of them expected.

The Recruit (2019)

After years of working as agents for the Alliance, Porter and Mac still weren’t sure of a lot of things. They weren’t sure how to convince the newest agent that he should trust them. They weren’t sure why their friend betrayed them. They weren’t sure how to uncover the dangerous truth the Alliance hid from them. But they were sure they had to figure it all out before the Alliance came crumbling down around them.

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